Taman Dayu Spa

An oasis of tranquility where you can wind down with a relaxing massage which helps to balance body and mind to maintain perfect health, leaving you de-­stressed with a feeling of enormous wellbeing. Sessions at the spa are also designed to help your golf game, relaxing and toning muscles, increasing flexibility and muscle sensory mechanism, and leaving you with better balance and body awareness, key to the quality of your golf game.

Opening Hours:
09:00-­17:00 (Tuesdays-­Fridays)
10:00-­18:00 (Weekends)

More Information about Taman Dayu Golf Club & Resort Facilities

+62 343 674 1234

Phone Hunting
+62 811 34 88 234

+62 343 674 1280



Jl. Raya Surabaya Malang Km.48
Pandaan 67156 Pasuruan
Jawa Timur - Indonesia

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